30 Aug 2011

Meadow Flowers

Most of us get caught up in everyday life, work, family and friends and therefore are too busy to engage in the great outdoors, this is especially if you live in the city. It is important for our sense of well-being to incorporate nature in our day to day lives- from the flowers you have in your home, that add style and bring the amazement of nature inside, to our back gardens, local heaths and parks. all of these are ready for us to enjoy whenever we choose. Beautiful flowers such as larkspur, baby blue eyes, scabious, scarlet flax, cornflower and corn chamomile are all found in local meadows and heaths and are also available for you to buy here at Quintessentially.  

Meadow flowers are becoming more and more rare and unusual. In order to demonstrate our support for wild flowers and their conservation we have created a limited edition 'Support The UK Flower Meadows’ bouquet, which features a number of rare British flowers.

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15 Aug 2011

Green with Envy

As we said last week you don't have to simply use traditional greens in your arrangements to increase the density of the look. Adding depth and character to the flowers can be created with with an abundance of alternatives from Blackberries to Chilies,to Baby Alliums and Heather. Lavender or Herbs, to Mints and Grasses.

All of these can be combined with traditional Salal and eucalyptus. Birch or Berried Ivy to completely alter the aesthetics of a desired look. You should use greens like accessories to enhance a particular theme and garnish it with a purpose.

As we all saw in this years Royal wedding the pure genius and simplicity of using greens and foliage, trees and country grasses to develop an understated look of breathtaking class.

11 Aug 2011


Another top tip from Q Flowers -

Gladioli: These flowers are easy, colourful, bright and make great cut flowers.

They look fantastic in the office and in your home because they have a large presence and can make a big impression on a room.

As soon as the blooms start to open you will need to cut the steams at an angle to ensure they last as long as possible. The best time to do this is in the morning. Do not pick off too many leaves!

10 Aug 2011

English Garden Dahlia's

We have the most lovely English Garden Dahlia's in today.

These beautiful flowers are very popular at the moment and will continue to be throughout the summertime, all the way into Autumn, and the first frosts of winter.

They look fantastic and make a striking addition to any arrangement. They come in wide variety of quirky and bright colours. View on the left.

9 Aug 2011

Blackberries - The New Foliage!

Blackberries are back in season and make a delicious alternative to eucalyptus or salal. Yum!

8 Aug 2011

Keep It English

In today’s modern world, with genetically modified this.... and all year round that....  the seasons have simply blurred into a high street, watered down, frenzy of nothingness..
Step back with Quintessentially Flowers and let us can guide you back into the arms of English flowers.

This country spoils us with an abundance of beautiful wild flowers locally harvested in and around the British isles. Already this summer we have been spoiled with a bumper crop of peonies and sweet peas. Stocks with their dense thick stems and intense scent have yet again gone beyond the call of duty.

View Our Sunflower Bouquet
As we approach mid-summer there is an abundance of quality English flowers, from lush country Larkspur to Hydrangea, both available in several colours. Classic Royal blue Cornflower the school flower of Dulwich College, traditional England at its best. Rich purple and pink Asters can really give your townhouse sitting room that country garden look and feel.

In a nutshell we as a nation grow everything from Arum Lilies to Freesia's, Dahlia to Gladioli, Electric blue Brodiaea to glorious wild English Delphiniums. Not forgetting the English Rose which is a flower steeped in history, with each individual colour having its own hidden meaning and definition. This summer why not keep it simple, keep it English and keep it elegant.

5 Aug 2011


We have the most stunning, bright agapanthus in today

They flower in the summer and are mainly grown for their beautiful showy colours. They are commonly grown in shades of purple and blue but also come in whites and pinks.

They thrive in well-drained fertile soil and for best results you should feed them weekly or fortnightly with liquid feed.

They are perfect summer flowers and look fabulous in the garden or in the home

3 Aug 2011

Bright Is The New White

The summer time is a great excuse to be adventurous and live outside of the box - why not use your home or office as an opportunity to experiment with your creativity and introduce some vibrant electric colours into your life? We all tend to play it safe with whites, creams and pastels but this year why not exercise some change? why not use flowers as the catalyst to the new you?

Check out these gorgeous Dutch electric Arum lillies that we have in today. Funky and bright these are guaranteed to brighten up a room or office, send online flowers they make are very quirky and stylish gift.

2 Aug 2011

What's Hot

Bright colours are in this summer and make the perfect colourful gift!

Hot pinks, reds and burned orange are the colours of the moment. With hydrangea, dahlia and a variety of roses mixed with gelder berries and dark foliage to bring out the colour

See one of our flower bouquets we made earlier below - absolutely gorgeous!