17 May 2011

The Meaning Of The Black Rose

The black rose does not exist in nature but they are created in laboratories. Rose genes are manipulated through cross breeding which give the rose a black appearance – it is actually a very dark shade of red, maroon or purple.

The meaning of the black rose is controversial. Black is a colour that is normally associated with death and darkness.

It is thought that the meaning of the black rose evolved from dark origins. In the Victorian era the black rose was typically symbolic of tragedy and grief. They were often used to symbolize death at funerals, they portrayed a message of dislike and disdain amongst rivals and they suggested impending doom.

They are rarely given as a gift to a lover because they stand for tragic love. They symbolise the end of something which could be an idea, relationship or career. A single black rose can signal the death of a relationship. They are not always associated negatively however, on the positive side, sending black roses to someone they can signify a devotion that is so strong and rare like the flower itself.
What do you think of the black rose and its meaning? Would you send black roses?

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