15 Dec 2011

Magic Mistletoe!

Mistletoe grows in clusters on tree branches almost like a birds nest. Despite being highly poisonous and causing stomach pain with low pulse, Mistletoe is most commonly used as Christmas decoration and well known for being the kissing plant!

Ancient culture has passed on the tradition that the mistletoe sprig, once cut, shouldn’t come into contact with the ground and is hung above a door way to preserve the house from lightning or fire.

The ‘kissing under the Mistletoe’ is believed to originate from Scandinavia where a man and a woman meet under the Mistletoe to share a kiss. A berry is then plucked from the bunch. This goes on until all the berries are removed.

Here at Quintessentially Flowers we think this is a lovely, fun concept and encourage you all to buy a bunch of Mistletoe for your door arch and get picking those berries!

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