30 Aug 2011

Meadow Flowers

Most of us get caught up in everyday life, work, family and friends and therefore are too busy to engage in the great outdoors, this is especially if you live in the city. It is important for our sense of well-being to incorporate nature in our day to day lives- from the flowers you have in your home, that add style and bring the amazement of nature inside, to our back gardens, local heaths and parks. all of these are ready for us to enjoy whenever we choose. Beautiful flowers such as larkspur, baby blue eyes, scabious, scarlet flax, cornflower and corn chamomile are all found in local meadows and heaths and are also available for you to buy here at Quintessentially.  

Meadow flowers are becoming more and more rare and unusual. In order to demonstrate our support for wild flowers and their conservation we have created a limited edition 'Support The UK Flower Meadows’ bouquet, which features a number of rare British flowers.

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