10 Mar 2011

Colour Trends: Teal and Terracotta

Experts in the industry have put together their predictions for the year ahead, and promise that flowers will be anything but dull in 2011 with the growing demand for two (until now) unusual shades. Vivid orange and fresh green may not be the most obvious colour choices when it comes to flowers, but we’ve tracked down the varieties that are memorable, striking and classic, rather than simply novel.

Montbretia, an orange lilly-like blossom, makes a stunning centrepiece with its striking citrus and scarlet markings, while coral-coloured poppies with a lemon centre are classic with a fresh twist. Orange roses, too, are perfect for an autumnal colour scheme later in the year, whether tinged with yellow or reddened at the edges for a full-bodied effect. Orange is a powerful, energetic colour, and any of these flowers can inject vitality and originality into an event. It offers the chance to escape from a traditional romantic palette of red and pink, and an opportunity to make the shade your own.
The other hue that’s sure to make an impact in 2011 is green – not only in the foliage that can compliment your choice of flowers but in the actual blossoms themselves.Green roses and carnations are a modern twist on timeless flower choices, and look stunning when accented with a spray of ivory. From soft, sage green to deep olive or teal, contrasting shades of green can be a great way to add depth and originality to your arrangement, making a delicate, interesting focal point with unusual details rather than bold colour. Viridiflora, for example, has stunning, star-shaped flowers tinged with an almost mauve blush that really highlights the beauty of the soft, willow-coloured petals.

Author: Caitlin Leslie


  1. Josephine Cook12.3.11

    Hi Kaitlin,

    Lovely to read about the Colour trends. What flowers would you recommend for a Wedding I am planning in September? I am particularly keen to get some form of advice on the handties and the centrepieces on the tables.

    its a wedding of 350 people with 35 tables.

    Best wishes,

    Josephine Cook

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