25 Nov 2011

Chocolate cosmos

Flowering from mid to late summer the chocolate cosmos acquired its name from an unusual characteristic. Its natural scent has a bizarre similarity to the poignant aroma of chocolate. Stunningly delicate, the rich dark red/ maroon-brown petals balance precariously on a thin green stem, adding to its incredible beauty. The cosmos is a cultivated flower native to Mexico but isn’t widely used in the floristry industry. Apart from being fairly rare, this flower has a particularly short life span once cut, maintaining a fresh look for less than a day. This makes it a very fragile and unreliable material to use, but the thought of having a chocolate essence bouquet is rather desirable!

24 Nov 2011

Orchid by Day, Flowering Beauty by Night...

For the first time, a night flowering Orchid has been discovered by Dutch botanists. Found on an island near the Papua New Guinea, the Bulbophyllum nocturnum is the first Orchid species to flower nocturnally out of 25,000.

The remarkable Orchid has a very brief flowering life, opening from just a few hours after dusk, lasting only until a few hours after sunrise, making it rather tricky to catch sight of the full bloom.

The reason for its peculiar flowering pattern is yet to be discovered leaving budding botanists intrigued and keen to investigate.

Incredibly, the flowers are thought to pollinate through miniscule flies, mistaking it for a fungi, as the Orchid flower mimics the look of the fungi. It is believed to hold a scent similar to the fungi to attract the insects whilst being undetectable by humans. Quite an incredible creation.

The unique Orchid was found in amongst a logging area, now thought to be holding an unknown amount of other undiscovered species tucked away in this secluded unexplored part of the world. Local environmentalists are desperately trying to preserve the area for further research development and protect the Orchids from being exposed to full sunlight, as this could potentially damage their flowering cycle. Exciting stuff and we’re hoping to find out more in the near future!

18 Nov 2011

The Potted Option...

Want something different to decorate your home or event? Instead or as well as using cut flower arrangements, mix it up with a few potted plants. They can be suitable for parties, wedding receptions tables, restaurants or just around the house for a long lasting decoration. Water about once a week and they’ll stay looking fresh and beautiful!

Dotting them around the tables is perfect for a more rustic, organic wedding/ event. It also allows the guests to take the plants home at the end of the night which is quite a nice gesture and prevents wastage of flowers.

Marigolds are a lovely option, with that gorgeous uplifting orange and Bouvardia is also a really pretty plant to use with a slightly more feminine look. Cyclamen is also a fabulous option, coming in a selection of colours with a vibrant style.

17 Nov 2011

Spring's Come Early...

Now that summer has passed and we’re creeping closer to the frosty winter ahead, the flowers will have shut down, preparing for rebirth in Spring. However, Spring seems to have come early! Due to the recent fluctuating weather, flowers are blooming for a second time this year. The cool August and warmer September and October, has shocked the flowers into thinking it Spring already. This temperature change means our beautiful blooms are having to adjust their natural cycle, altering their availability. We’re finding there are materials around that aren’t in even season! Bizarre.

16 Nov 2011

Lush Hydrangeas!

Hydrangeas. A lush, beautiful and indulgent flower. They come in an array of vivid colours, from blues and pinks to greens and white and look fabulous in bulk. However, they also look amazing on their own as a single flower. They’re heads are made up of a mass of individual flowers making it look abundant and luscious!

The pure white works really well for a slick, corporate look, whereas the more vibrant colours can suit both the traditional arrangements and look equally good for a more quirky look. This variation of designs makes the hydrangea perfect for almost every occasion.

They last a good while if regularly watered and look fabulous on display for about a week. Once they’ve started to wilt, leave them to dry out and reuse them in a different arrangement. When dried, they work particularly well in Christmas wreaths.

11 Nov 2011

Making your Home Festive…

Ordering the right Christmas decorations for your home can be a difficult decision. With Quintessentially Flowers we can assist you in making the perfect choice in the simplest and most enjoyable way possible.

We have a selection of festive wreaths on our website to help ease you into the Christmas mode. Quintessentially Flowers can also customize wreaths to fit your personal style and décor.

From traditional reds and greens to the more innovative icy blue and silver, we are able to bring the Christmas vibe into your home.

4 Nov 2011

The Winter choice...

As winter approaches and we’re left with the Autumnal rusty coloured leaves, you may think that our wonderful blooms disappear for the winter seasons. However, as well as having access to gorgeous pines and sparkling baubles, there are some beautiful flowering blooms around in winter and with gorgeous scents too!

Of course the traditional rose is available in both Autumn and Winter along with the more delicate spray roses, which will always lighten up a room and have a positive enlightening effect on the atmosphere. Hypericums are a particularly Christmassy material. The little coloured berries, usually red or green, make a lovely accompaniment to a bouquet or design and add an alternate texture. Nerine is a beautiful flower and great for a slightly funkier option. It’s a more exotic looking flower with slender petals curled up like gift ribbon. Having not a hugely strong scent, its form and vibrant hot pink and pale pink colour, make this an eye catching and distinctive flower. It’s also available in pure white.

If you’re looking for a large headed flower with strong dominance and impact, the Dahlia would be perfect. With abundant layers of petals drawing your eye in and an array of vibrant colours, Dahlias ensure they attract attention and make any design stand out.

For best smells, dried lavender is always a favourite and perfect for a bathroom windowsill. Also, adding a few sprigs of rosemary to a bouquet will give it a beautiful natural fragrance! Mint is another alternative scented herb which will give off a lovely aroma good enough to eat! So there are lots of options for the coming seasons if you’re looking for something with a bit of colour and a splendid fragrance.