28 Feb 2011

Caring for Roses

As well as growing in a vast variety of shades and being classically beautiful, roses are the ultimate symbol of romance, true love and passion. No wonder they’re the flower of choice for so many; a traditional red rose bouquet has long been the most popular choice among men for their loved ones, especially around Valentine’s Day. But next time you’re lucky enough to be surprised with roses, why not take a little care to help them last?

If they’ve come from a professional florist the roses should already have been cut properly to ensure a lasting bloom, but if not make sure to cut the stems on a slant with a sharp knife, while holding them underwater – this will help the stalk absorb much more water, which means the flower will live longer.
When moving your flowers to a vase, first put them in about two inches of lukewarm water for five minutes (this aids the flow of water through the stem to the head of the flower). Then refill the vase with deeper, cooler water and add a floral preservative - try not to fill the vase higher than the point on the stems where any foliage begins, and make sure to refresh the water every day.

At night-time it really helps to move your roses to as cool a place as possible – some florists even suggest refrigerating them – to keep them fresh. In order to revive and rejuvenate them once they’ve started to droop, try tying all the stems together and attaching a weight of some kind to anchor them, then submerge the roses overnight in cold water.
While nothing helps flowers last like the work of a skilled florist, who can advise you on how long certain species will live for once cut, these tips should help your roses maintain their beauty, so you can enjoy them for longer.

26 Feb 2011

Colour Code

Everyone knows that sending or giving flowers is a sure way to make someone smile, but we’ve pinned down the exact shades of blossom guaranteed to make the object of your affection, friendship or well wishes feel exactly the way you would hope when you’re choosing their gift.

For a busy professional, or a stressed-out new mother, flowers can be one of the truest ways to help them pause and relax, however briefly. Consider clear, radiant and natural tones of blue and green with a lavender or lilac accent. You want to channel serenity by mimicking the colours found in the sky and sea – try hydrangea, thistle, pale blue delphiniums and dusty green foliage to add a little calmness to their day.

When you want your flowers to express an intense love, look to a lush, luxurious palette of reds, purples, pinks and even orange. The deeper the colour the more dramatic, and effective, the message behind it. Carnations, coloured lilies, hypericum berries and the classic rose all suggest a deep, sensual affection and compliment each other to create a dynamic bouquet.

For the floral equivalent of a nurturing embrace, look for buds in pale peaches and pinks, creamy ivory, pale green and buttercup yellow. These pastel shades send us straight back to childhood and the sensation of being cared for – ideal if your recipient is recovering from an illness. Tulips, freesia, snapdragon and heather combined with leafy greenery all encourage feelings of safety and being loved.

It’s common knowledge that certain colour combinations can lift our mood or help us feel a certain way, so consult your professional florist for advice on which blossoms will best express how you really feel.

Author: Caitlin Leslie

24 Feb 2011

The New Floral

While most brides begin imagining their wedding dress long before they’ve set the date, or even met the man, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of simply matching the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses rather than thinking imaginatively.Flowers should ideally frame your event, whether it’s a wedding or otherwise, as they’re what will transform the venue into your own personal location, designed exactly to your taste with the help of a professional floristTo help you get started, we’ve rounded up a few of the top floral trends for 2011, which used together, or alone, can add polish and creativity to the day.

The bud of the moment has got to be cherry blossom, which flowers oh-too-briefly from late March to mid-April, but more than makes up for its short lifespan with its delicate, exotic beauty. Grouped together in stunning shades of ivory to blush pink, cherry blossom bears a striking contrast between its fragile petals and the graphic wood branches, creating a very sophisticated arrangement for any event. 

If you’re using glass vases, a little goes a long way when your florist adds a few drops of food colouring to the water. As well as keeping your flowers fresh, water that’s been dyed to compliment your choice of flowers will add an extra, unexpected element to creative centrepieces.

For brides, arm sheaf bouquets are making a comeback thanks to their long, elaborate shape. Cradled by the bride in her arm, they were originally inspired by the presentation bouquets given to actresses after a performance. Arm sheaves can be traditional, with flowers at one end and the stems showing at the other, or they can be designed with flowers at both ends for a more extravagant style. Long-stemmed roses, calla lilies, delphiniums, orchids and larkspur are perfect for this kind of bouquet, making full use of their long, slender shapes.

23 Feb 2011


‘… thou, Tityrus, stretched in the shadow, 
Teachest the woods to resound with
the name of the fair Amaryllis.’
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, translated from Virgil’s Eclogues

The amaryllis is a rather flashy flower that looks like a lily having slipped on some very stylish scarlet jewellery, hence its association with ladies with a taste for the theatrical, though it also carries the opposite meaning of ‘timidity’… a shy girl with a flair for drama? Hey, women are complicated! Its ravishing colour makes this flower a very appropriate present for a person just as splendidly beautiful. It is also an apt way of saying how proud you are of someone.

The amaryllis takes its name from a beautiful shepherdess from the pastoral works of Virgil, the ancient Roman poet—poems where graceful maidens and handsome youths frolic in serene forests and orchards. As well as being a rather romantic namesake, this also lends the amaryllis its meaning of ‘pastoral poetry’, that is, telling someone they are as eternally lovely as one of those fictional shepherdesses. 

Another name for this flower is Hippeastrum’, which is Latin for ‘Horseman’s Star’. Although the ‘Horseman’ part might be a little strange, the beautiful points of the amaryllis petals certainly bear an uncanny resemblance to a sparkling star. Speaking of celestial bodies, the amaryllis is also associated with the fiery, passionate zodiac sign, Aries.

-     Pastoral poetry
-     Sparkling
-     Splendid beauty
-     Timid
-     ‘I’m proud of you!’
    ‘You’re lovely.’

Origin: The amaryllis was discovered in the early 19th century in the Andean Mountains of Chile and Peru.

SeasonLate spring and early summer. However, because this type of flower is easily grown indoors, it is a very popular plant for brightening up a room in the winter.

Colour: White streaked with red, although it can be cultivated in other bright shades like pink, orange and yellow.

Author: Alethea Dean'

Inspired by the Countryside

Spring has always been the most popular season for weddings, and luckily for brides-to-be the flowers that bloom as the English winter lifts offer some really beautiful choices for the ceremony, especially if you’re after a classic, countryside-inspired look.

Tulips are having something of a comeback – on their own they make an elegant, stylist statement, or they can work well in a mixed bouquet. Given the huge range of colours they come in, tulips are also incredibly versatile. They can droop a little faster than other varieties if they’re not properly conditioned, but Quintessentially Flowers will ensure that every bud lasts perfectly throughout the day.

Other traditional British flowers that are perfect for weddings include fragrant lilac, sweet bluebells and the classic hyacinth, which usually comes in shades of white, pink and blue but rarer varieties range from red and orange to navy, adding a splash of dramatic colour to any arrangement.

Lily of the Valley is another popular choice. In either ivory or pastel pink its delicate petals have long symbolised purity, just like the traditional white dress, as well as having a beautiful fragrance. The only drawback here is that Lily of the Valley tends to only appear for a few weeks in late spring, usually around April, before disappearing again for the rest of the year.

If you’re still not entirely decided, or are planning ahead for a wedding next spring, talk to your florist about using some of these blooms in your bouquetif you are planning a wedding within the UK one of the wonderful things about these flowers is that they’ll be grown locally in the British countryside and won’t have to be imported.

17 Feb 2011

Myrtle for Middleton

As the most anticipated wedding of 2011 draws closer, Kate Middleton’s still managing to keep most of the details secret – we don’t know who’s designing her dress, how many tiers high the cake will be or the colours in her bouquet. But we do know one of the flowers she’ll be carrying.  

Royal sources have confirmed that while Wills and Kate are taking a modern approach to their royal nuptials, there is one tradition she won’t be breaking. Every royal bride since Queen Victoria has walked down the aisle with a sprig of myrtle in her bouquet, all cut from the same tree in Victoria’s private garden, which she grew from the flower that was in her own bridal bouquet.
Myrtle has always been a great choice for wedding arrangements - its name means ‘the herb of love’ in ancient Greek and the flower was closely linked to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Myrtle’s also known for its aphrodisiac scent and with its simple alabaster petals can be the perfect backdrop to other, more dramatic flowers in your bouquet.

If you don’t want to be a copy-Kate but like the idea of a sharing a family tradition on your big day, why not turn to your parents’ wedding album for inspiration? Your mum might have styled her wedding a little too seventies or eighties for your taste, but a bud from her bouquet could easily be reinvented with a twist for a more modern wedding. With the help of an expert florist any blossom can be worked into your floral arrangements to make them more personal. 

If you start your own tradition now you might see the same flower in your daughter or granddaughter’s bouquet one day, proving it’s not just princesses-to-be who have a special family flower...

15 Feb 2011

Just Hydrangea...

Hydrangea is originally  from  North America, brought to England in the 18th  century from there their unique beauty quickly  invaded the rest of  the world. 

Native Americans had many uses for this lovely flower, a detoxifying plant and also used the roots for their diuretic properties. 

This distinct flower is an exquisite gift for diverse occasions or special events, its an excellent pick. This exceptional flower expresses different deeply felt emotions from Love, Beauty, Enlightenment & Gratitude.

Hydrangea make great house dressing flowers and can bring a unique style to any space whether for your office space or an Event. Does not have a very strong scent for people who are more sensitive to perfumes, they last quite some time as a bouquet, in a vase and are great for a keep sake if you dry them upside down. 

Comes in various of colours, Hydrangea's are the chameleons of the flower world. Available in beautiful Soft & Bright Pink, Lilac, Blue, White and Green. Quintessetially Flowers is proud to offer all these colors in our lovely floral collection. 

12 Feb 2011

Flower Color Meanings - Part 1

Roses the ultimate symbol of love and passion. Everyone can appreciate receiving roses... 
-Red is seen universally as an expression of deep feelings of love as well as devoted affection.
-Pink says "I'm thinking of you", sweetness & appreciation, often used to say "Thank you" 
-White means Charm, Innocence & everything pure, it can be someone saying I'm worthy but it can mean silence & secrets...
-Orange aspires lust & desire but not love... simply states that you want someone deeply.
-Yellow is an international symbol of pure friendship, Happiness, Joy and Caring, can also be used to say "Welcome back!" but can also express Jealousy depending on the circumstances
-Purple is full splendor, admiration & eternal love.
-Lavender personifies love at first sight, it was simply meant to be.
-Peach is Sincerity, modesty, Appreciation, Anticipation and is a used to say "Thank you"
-Blue roses don't come naturally blue, they are colored, it indicates desire for what cannot be obtained & mystery.
-Black is elusive and is the symbol of death of an idea, feeling or relationship, it says goodbye... but can also signify rebirth after death at times.
-Green means peacefulness, calm feelings & Fertility.
-Mixed colors says "You mean everything to me..." pure romance! 

Peonies are the symbol of eroticism, their history takes us back to China where these flowers were given to unmarried woman Only, it is seen as offensive to give peonies to a married woman in Chinese tradition. These aphrodisiac flowers come in many different colors from 
-Red means Seduction, Pure Passion & Charm. 
-White means Tenderness, Serenity & Calm white. 
-And best of all Light & Bright Pink that mean in their own simplicity "I love you" 

Iris is a unique specimen unlike any other, not many flowers can match the beauty and graceful elegance, symbolizing Hope, wisdom & faith. Used for all sorts of special occasions all across the world from Asia to Euro, North America, middle east all the way to North Africa.
-Yellow Iris embodies Passion & Eternal devotion. 
-Blue Iris personifies Royalty in some cultures, it also means Hope & Faith.
-Purple Iris suggests a compliment and also is seen as wisdom.
-White Iris is seen by many as purity and gracefulness. 

Orchid are a delicate beauty and exudes class & elegance. This very special flowers can be appreciated by all and leaves people with a lasting impression. Orchids used to be used for medicinal purposes 
-White orchids also mean feelings Respect & Adoration
-Pink shares feelings of affection & natural charm... rare beautiful lady is also often thought of for Pink orchids. 
-Yellow conveys rare beauty & the elegance of Royalty. Its also associated with Cheerfulness & Happiness 
-Green signifies Life, health & most of all rejuvenation, Is often also given to people in bad health as it also symbolizes vitality & strength. 

Part 2 - Will reveal the meaning of Tulips, Lilies, Lisianthus, Anemone & Freesia's....

11 Feb 2011

Orchid Maintenance

Buying your first orchid is often accompanied by fear and a sense of dread as, like many beautiful things, they are notoriously high maintenance.

The problem, of course, is that they are tropical plants and their natural habitat is difficult to reproduce at home, however, if you follow this advice your chances should improve.

Light; they love it, they need it, but only north-facing and they abhor drafts; conservatories are ideal but windowsills suffice as long as they’re fairly modern. Importantly, you should never remove it from the pot it was rooted in.

More tricky is their need for only soft water, although, if you live in a hard water area, cooled boiling water can be used as a substitute – it is best to either water with an eggcup of water a week or, to replicate a tropical rainstorm, drench with soft water letting it soak for a minute, dabbing away any water sitting in the area where the leaves cross.

Never cut away the grey, curling aerial roots but once the last of the flowers has fallen off, cut the stem diagonally just above the lowest of the triangular nodes. Once cut, keep it in a north-facing light place, and continue to water weekly, and in time you should see a new stem coming through.

9 Feb 2011


William Curley Chocolate
Chocolate and flowers have traditionally been partnered to create the perfect Valentines day gift. This year Quintessentially have teamed up with William Curley, an award winning British pattisier and chocolateir who produces the highest quality products and believes passionately in sourcing ethically sound couverture chocolate.  

William and his wife Suzue produce a huge variety of contemporary chocolates, ice cream, cakes and patisserie and they are all made to absolute perfection. Their influences for their wide variety of flavours and creations are drawn from their global experiences. William in particular has drawn inspiration from his experiences in french michelin-starred restaurants and Suzue experiences within Japanese cuisine. 

Many of these delicious creations are available to purchase on the Quintessentially Flowers.
Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer and make that special someone incredibly happy this Valentines day.

7 Feb 2011

Flowers for the Corporate Client

At Quintessentially Flowers we are expert in creating unique and bespoke solutions for all our corporate partners.

These have ranged from top grand hotels to boutique 10 room residences - all with the same distinct results.

Creation of a personal space designed to the requirements of that hotel's personality. 

One would think the decoration process is finished once the hotel lobby, or restaurant dining room or bar have been built according to the designer’s vision. In fact, many designers take into consideration plants and flowers and anticipate space for them while designing a venue. This is by no means a coincidence. 

Flowers and plants really do add that final touch to every space, and it’s only natural that they are considered an integral part of every day life. 

Just take a look at the space that surrounds you. Are there flowers and plants there? If yes, try to imagine how dull that space would look like without them, and if no, try to imagine how alive that space would look like with them.

Hotel Reception and Individual Rooms

It’s always a pleasure to see richly decorated hotel lobbies upon arrival. It really helps bring about an atmosphere of serenity and sophistication, not to mention, some very pleasant fragrances. Carefully placed plants and flowers will emphasize the overall look of the interior, and bring life to forgotten corners, that would otherwise look dull and simple. Plants (potted plants, plant walls) placed in strategic spots will help separate certain specific parts of the hotel lobby space from the others, creating an illusion of privacy.
Hotel rooms are a more delicate matter. Properly placed fresh flowers or plants will help create a welcome atmosphere, and add a touch of “home” decor to a room. Many guests request certain kinds of flowers to be placed in their room or suite. If your guests happen to be picky, you can rely on us to fulfill their wishes. We deal with special requests all the time, and it’s always a pleasure and a welcome challenge for us.

Restaurant Blooms Add Fragrance and Ambiance

Much like hotels, restaurants benefit a lot by introducing flowers and plants as part of their decoration efforts. When done properly and with style, your guests will notice. Whether it’s a business lunch or romantic dinner, the experience will only be half as strong without flowers and plants to give that special touch to the occasion. Depending on the occasion and season, and the overall theme at the restaurant, we can provide you with a custom tailored solution that your guests will appreciate.

Bars and Drinking Dens

A place for socializing over friendly conversation and a refreshing drink, bars are simply crying for flowers and plants. The relaxed, informal atmosphere of bars demands a special approach to floral decoration. Depending on the theme, flowers and plants can be tailored to add that last layer that will communicate a welcome atmosphere to your guests.
Whether you operate a hotel, a restaurant or a bar, you’ll know that it’s the final touches that will be noticed by your clients. Flowers and plants, as part of the decoration in your venue, are that final touch. They will help you create a feeling of hospitality, sophistication, style and glamour.

5 Feb 2011

Flower Perfumes

The world is full of wonderful scents created from extracts of the finest flowers. Scents create moods, define character and drive passions.

At Quintessentially we have created a list of perfumes that are viewed as the best in the world of their types. Our Perfume book is one of the most popular books on the subject. Here are 5 select choices and some of the flowers that make their scents exceptional.

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy: The combination of flower with fruity smell is one of the most favorite combination in fragrances. The fragrances has the note of magnolia, orchids, rose blossom, purple rain freesia and litchi. Perfect gift item for Mother's Day.

Gucci Rush: Gucci is a known brand by fashion lovers across the world. Thus, Gucci Rush is creating ripples in the minds of perfume lovers. Made from the extraction of fresh peony, freesia, violet, bergamot, jasmine and carnation the perfume is long lasting.

Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose and Gardenia: Looking for long lasting and best perfume? Select Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose and Gardenia for your sweet heart and see the lovely smile on her lips. With limited edition, the perfume lacks words for description.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum: The perfume can be called an explosion of different fragrance. It is made fro, the extracts of orchid, orange tree, bergamot, patchouli, jasmine.

Marc Jacobs Perfume Daisy: Representing happy and youthful the perfume is just perfect to represent your sophistication. The bottle will remind the user of beautiful daisy flower. It smells light, but gives you a touch of elegance...

3 Feb 2011

Astrology Flowers

When Choosing flowers for someone, you can decide what the best method for you depending on many factors. Based on color preference, based on preferred flowers, on what friends tell you, what a florist might recommend but an original way of picking the perfect bouquet for that special person could be their Astrological Flowers. 

All 12 Astrology Signs have their own unique corresponding flower choices, that best match either their astrological personality or their zodiac sign. 

Discover your Astrological Flower! 

Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Personality Flowers: Attentive to other peoples feelings, Attracts people and are very charming Aries personality is twin with Sweet smelling Stock flowers.
Astrological Flowers:  Gorgeous Honeysuckle, Lovely Thistles & Charming Stock flowers.  

Taurus (April 20th to May 19th)

Personality Flowers: Loves to indulge in the finer things in life, Flare for design and style. Loves pleasure, giving and receiving, Taurians go perfectly with Classic Roses.
Astrological Flowers: Memorable and Beautiful Roses, Stunning Poppies & breathtaking Columbines.  

Gemini (May 20th to June 20th)

Personality Flowers: Beautiful Gemini's are productive and creative and enjoy but sometimes feel pressured, a serene Oriental Lilly bouquet is just what they need.
Astrological Flowers: Mesmerizing Lilies, Classic Orchids & Sweet smelling Lilacs. 

Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd) 

Personality Flowers: Sensitive and wise, loves his friends and family. A fresh Mixed Bright Spring bouquet is a match made in heaven. 
Astrological Flowers: Bear's Breeches, Fresh Morning Glories & Bright Geraniums

Leo (July 23 to August 21st)

Personality Flowers: A Born leader, Leo's are warm, caring and protective, Loves changes a good challenge to give this Lion would be a Yellow Dancing Lady Orchid. 
Astrological Flowers: Sunny Sunflowers, Beautiful Marigolds & and Bold Celandines.

Virgo (August 22nd to September 22nd)

Personality Flowers: Virgo's love to think and are very observant, have a good eye for detail and would love a beautiful Rose Delight
Astrological Flowers: Narcissus, Chrysanthemums & Asters. 

Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

Personality Flowers: Unique and gifted with abilities to see the deeper meaning of things, loves classic beauty and no better match then a Classic Two Dozen Red Roses.
Astrological Flowers: Seductive Large Roses, Mysterious Blue Iris and Pure Hygrangeas. 

Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st) 

Personality Flowers: Loves surprises, scorpios like honestly and helping people reward them with a beautiful Anemones bouquet for their kindness. 
Astrological Flowers: Anemones, Rhododendrons & Geraniums

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st) 

Personality Flowers:  Born philasophers they love to share their ideas, gifted and naturally blessed with good luck would be paired with a Peonies Bouquet.
Astrological Flowers: Adorable Peonies, Sweet Pink Carnations & Cute Dandelions.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 21st) 

Personality Flowers: Talented at organizing, strong willed Capricorns with their determined personalities would go perfectly well with a Summer Rose
Astrological Flowers: Shapely Carnations, Delightful Pansies & Dazzling heartsease. 

Aquarius (January 21st to February 19th)

Personality Flowers: Inventive and naturally curious Aquarius love to unravel life's gifts, a marvelous choice would be an Orchids.
Astrological Flowers: Elegant Orchids, Golden rain & Solomon's seal.

Pisces (February 20th to March 20th)

Personality Flowers: A water sign, Pisces are intuitive and natural artists, based on the personality the best match would be a Beautifully Lilac and Rose in pink Bouquet
Astrological Flowers: Wonderful Lilacs, Exquisite Orchids & Graceful Poppies. 

We hope this helped you choose the ultimate luxury bouquet for your loved one, for more information please don't hesitate to ask our friendly team at Quintessentially Flowers.