4 May 2011

The Royal Wedding Flowers

The wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton took place on Friday April 29th, 2011 in front of a global audience of around 4 billion people. All eyes were on the bride to be and what she would be wearing – the question on everyone’s lips was who designed the dress and what flowers would she be carrying?

We had predicted that the flowers would be very simple and traditional in style – with whites and greens as main colours. The wedding flowers - from the bouquet to the amazing avenue of trees at the abbey reflected a love of unfettered natural styling, compared with the formality and protocol of the day. Wonderful green foliages were the star, providing texture and freshness they were accessorised with delicate white blooms like the bell shaped soloman seal.

Lilly of the valley was a wonderful choice for the bouquet reflecting the exquisite and delicate lace on her dress and kept the proportions elegant and modern. The same flower was used in buttonholes and in Pippa Middleton's hair.

What did you think of the flowers?

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