31 Jan 2011

An Event To Remember...

Arranging Flowers for an Event can be difficult if you don’t know where to start.  

How about the beginning?  

The easy answer would be to give us a call and watch something magical unfold.  But if you’d prefer to be hands on, here are a few things to consider- 

-What purpose do flowers serve at the event you’re holding?  

-Are they the centerpiece of your function? 

-Will there be an entryway décor? 

-Is there a stage that should be accented with plants, or maybe a display in front of the podium? 

Decorating your focal point with a magnificent floral design is something you should be sure to include.  The “front of the house” is the first thing your guests will see.  It sets the mood, gives momentum to the evening.  Centerpieces can be memorable and often times are an item that everyone desires to take home as a memento.

Beautiful flowers can completely transform a space.

Quintessentially Flowers has brought seasonal inspiration to offices, hotels restaurants and private homes, with anything from single arrangements to dramatic, architectural displays. Our contacts include names from fashion, media, business and hospitality, with a variety of styles and budgets. 

Each has a dedicated florist who designs, installs and maintains their flowers - and is always just a phone call away.

To Much Stress?

Flowers and plants are natural stress reducer...

Japanese scientists have published the results of a research about the effects of a flower fragrance on a living organism. 

It is always been known that floral scents are beneficial to a human mood, they make a person calm and relaxed. 

The experiments were conducted with laboratory mice and guinea pigs. The animals containers were filled with the herbal scents of  flower bouquets, grapes, oranges, mango and lemon. 

The researchers found that the substance contained in these plants - linalool influences on the changes in blood cells and genes responsible for the state of stress. 

Laboratory mice quicker cope with stress and irritability, than their counterparts without a relaxing fragrance. The positive impact of the substance is confirmed by blood tests.

Linalool is widely used in perfume industry. Over 200 kinds of flowers produce linalool, as for example, mints, scented herbs, laurels, cinnamon, rosewood. 

Everyone can buy Quintessentially Flowers, enjoy their fragrance and positive effects.

28 Jan 2011

Wedding Flowers

Recently Engaged? 

Preparing for a wedding will prove to be one of the most stressful times in your life.  It’s also a time of great joy and celebration.  

That celebration should ultimately be a reflection of the couple and their tastes, not a collection of their friends and family’s style.

One thing that is of the utmost importance is that your wedding day is about YOU!  Brides are easily bogged down with concerns of pleasing others.  

It’s only a distraction in the grand scheme of things.  If those who you’ve invited are critical of the choices you’ve made, you may want to consider just how good of friends they really are.

An important aspect of wedding floral design is the venue.  If the venue proves to have stunning views on its own, overly complicated centerpieces are probably not the best idea. Make sure you always complement your surroundings. 

From initial concept to final preparations, we will plan every single detail based specifically on your tastes or preferences to ensure your event looks as spectacular as you feel.  Quintessentially Flowers can also work in tandem with other events company to make sure that your event is truly unforgettable. 

26 Jan 2011

Make my day...

Classic Dozen Red Rose Bouquet

Have you ever wondered how you could make someone’s day?  

You’ve considered a note or a smile but it just doesn’t seem like enough.  While many people look for reasons to send flowers, the best reason of all is – no reason at all.  Sure the standard occasions (birthdays, anniversary’s and the like) one would expect flowers but it’s the spontaneity of receiving flowers for reasons other then the obvious that creates and emotional firepower.

The real bonus is how it made you feel.  When we do something nice for someone else, we invariably feel good too. When someone flat-out says “you made my day” or “you sure turned this one around for me”, you will defy gravity.  Your confidence will rise and you will feel like you can do anything. 

Practicing random acts of kindness is something we all like to do. Finding the right random act is always the challenge. So whether it is your mom, your lover, a friend, your work colleague or boss, find the right words for the card and let the flowers do the rest.

Quintessentially Flowers would be happy to deliver bright, happy and smile-bringing flowers anywhere.

Mother Natures gifts...

For as long as people can remember flowers are associated with beauty, joy and the perfection of nature.

Spring Eclectic Rose Bouquet
And it seems that mother nature took care to give us these wonderful creations which brighten and makes life more aspiring, as well as helps with emotional health and high spirits at any time of year. 

According to the statistics on this planet there are more than 270,000 different species of flowers. And with the conviction to say that every single flower in its own way is very beautiful and unusual. Quintessentially Flowers carries some of natures most precious and gorgeous gifts in our online garden collection. 

Is it possible to imagine a modern suburban area or a country cottages, where resting after a busy week of work problems and to heal the soul and body, without flowers? 
Humble and haughty, pompous, modest, bright, chaste white - they give for as long as people can remember flowers are associated with beauty, joy and the perfection of nature.

From where do you start when you decide to bring a splash for color and life into your home, with Quintessentially Flowers, let us help you bring a sense of aesthetic pleasure, peace and delight in your home. 

23 Jan 2011

Be my Valentine?

February 14th, Valentine's Day now a days is the best holiday in the year for those who are in love. Romantic feelings are expressed by the gifts. Although there are so many unusual gifts to give, valentines day flowers still remain a classic, flowers are one of the most popular and desired gifts.

After all, when you think about Valentine's Day gift for your darling the first answer is, of course, valentine flowers ...

It is important to know that the main floral symbol of the holiday still remains a red rose. The best color combination for valentine flower is red and white. It is traditionally used in flower bouquets and other floral artworks. Very often people also enjoy receiving bouquets with delicate spring flowers, tulips, freesia, as well as anemones and hyacinth for wonderful valentines flower delivery. This year with Quintessentially Flowers you can also choose from our rich & delicious selection of champagnes and wines. 

In addition, professional florists in recent years has successfully mastered the technique of making lovers hearts melt in their chest with flowers. 

Tip: Order early, don't leave it to the last minute, did you know Red Roses increase in value 200% on the day, don't get caught out! Order your valentine special flowers before its to late! 

Quintessentially Flowers

21 Jan 2011

Spread The Joy...

When choosing flowers for the more mature crowd, you should think about their personal preferences and what's meaningful to them. Flower types and favorite colors are important to consider.

When you buy flowers you need to consider what they symbolize.

-Rose is a symbol of love for your parents or grandparents.
*Red - Love, Courage, Respect & Beauty.
*White - Purity, Humility, Youthfulness & Reverence.
*Pink - Grace, Happiness, Appreciation & Gentleness. 
*Yellow - Joy, Friendship, Delight & Gladness

-Lily's look majestic and symbolize Sweetness, Virginity, Good Fortune & Majesty.

-Paperwhites with its  aphrodisiac and intoxicating scent express pride, immortality, nobleness and serenity.

-Blue Iris inspiring with an elegant presence, represents Wisdom, Hope, Faith & Passion. 

-Hyacinth is a stress reducing flower, means Forgiveness Tranquility, Stability & Constancy.

-Orchids refined looks and is often associated with a "beautiful lady", intends Rare, Beauty, Long Life & Charm. 

Life is always more joyful with flowers and plants, these precious gifts warm and brighten up our lives and leave us with treasured memories.  Quintessentially Flowers only provides the best and freshest flowers, make it simple and meaningful with our distinct  online flower delivery service. 

Quintessentially Flowers

Flower Child...

In a child’s life there are many events that can’t be imagined without the flowers. You cannot go without the best flowers, choose Q flowers delivery at your child’s birth, first birthday, first day of school, any sporting achievements, new born ...etc.

Children's flowers may be presented both for toddlers and school-age children.

Flowers Arrangement created especially for children can make your little prince or princess feel like they are in an unforgettable fairy-tale atmosphere! Every loving parent, who wants to give
his kid a piece of fairy tales, can simply order flowers online from Quintessentially Flowers. 
Not to mention the importance of nature in children's lives, start teaching them the benefit of having plants from a young age. 

Here was some Q flowers recommendation: Scented Sweet Peas, Blue Iris, Scented Hyacinth, or even a beautiful Tulip Posy!  - Quirky Bright colors is a must feature of children's bouquet. "Sweet bouquets" of colorful flowers are very popular. It is possible to order flower delivery for children with Quintessentially Flowers

The first time a child gets a bouquet, accidents may happen... children have a tendency to be tuff on flowers but over time, children will learn to handle the flowers carefully and will appreciate their beauty and all the extra benefits. 

Quintessentially Flowers

20 Jan 2011

A long time ago...

Many many centuries ago, houses were decorated with fresh flowers. Flowers bring beauty to any room and comfort. The history of flower arrangements is yet to ancient times.

According to archaeological findings as early as the Bronze Age people grew flowers for the decoration of houses. At the time, to give a special flavor the room used mainly shells, animal teeth, feathers. But there are also findings, namely, the blood vessels where they could be flowers, which show about growing flowers.

Flowers accompanied the Egyptians in various religious ceremonies and to adorn temples and palaces. In the tomb of  tutankhamun during the excavation, archaeologists found a wreath of flowers, which probably were put on the emperor chests and his wife tomb as well.

To this present day flowers and plants are still a big part of our lives in many aspects. Flowers are best to decorate your home with and you can easily change flower styles for each floral arrangement. A great choice is to choose scented flowers bouquet as they ooze their sweet smelling perfume in the air, potted plants such as Jasmines and Stephanotis are a wonderful selection and smell amazing.

Quintessentially Flowers

19 Jan 2011

What do woman like?

When buying flowers for your lady, definitely consider it a personal preference, because every lady has her  favorite flower. 

All men know that flowers are a universal gift to woman for any occasion, sometimes we do not even need a reason to give someone special flowers.  
Many factors should be considered when choosing the perfect flower arrangement for you loved one. 
Tulip Posy
-The occasion should be considered. 
-Does the person have a favorite color?
-Sometimes considering the home style or themes, wardrobe can help you choose the matching bouquet. 

What dominated your partners wardrobe?

-If your girl likes  colorful clothing, it is desirable to consider to potentially get a large size bouquet in a lively color a good choice would be a gorgeous Tulip Posy.

Scented Spring
-If the lady in question prefers to wear more modest clothing, then a simple and classic is a perfect gift.  

-For the girl who has a mix of items, they love the saturated colors or dark red shades and rose, a great match would be a Summer Rose bouquet

Summer Rose
The act of giving flowers can touch someone's heart, indeed we all know the power of flowers. 

A beautiful bouquet of flowers to share your feelings of affection to your sweetheart, flowers can help forgive the fault that we never believed forgivable. 

The flowers also have the power to beautify a room in an instant. The colors of the flowers can be used to brighten a dark room or to give a relaxed and sophisticated mood with subtle flavor.

Quintessentially Flowers

Oh So... Heavenly...

Scented Freesia - a herbaceous perennial plant native to South Africa. Its title it was given in honor of German Botanist Friedrich H. T. Freese

Selection of freesias in France took up the royal gardeners, and this determined the aristocratic future freesias. In the second half of the 19 th century began the invasion of  freesia's in Russia. Its distinguished and wonderful scent conquers all. 

The unique smell, refined forms, the richness of hues attracts people of different tastes. 

Its aroma can be treated for depression, because this scent reminds us of spring, youth and the joy of life. 

Cut flowers retain their flavor and have a good appearance up to 10 days.

Leave an unforgettable & extraordinary impression on someone dear to you or yourself with a  Freesia flower bouquet

Freesia - confidence & composure. In Japan - affection is presented with freesia flower arrangements and is considered a sign of trust to a pleasant conversation. 

17 Jan 2011

Scent of jasmine...

 - A refined, gentle, sweet Jasmine.

This is one of the main plants used in perfumery. Jasmines was introduced to Europe from the East in the early 18 Th century. Like Roses, jasmines have long remained a favorite in Oriental perfumery, medicine and cooking. 

Jasmine flowers long used in China and some other countries for flavoring tea. Its flowers are added to tea. 
It was believed also that this infusion purify the blood. In folk medicine, used the leaves, stems, flowers and roots. 

In the jasmine flowers have valuable essential oils. 
Flowers and leaves contain substances that have antipyretic property.
Crushed leaves and flowers are also used on the tumor and ulcer. 

In India, jasmines are often called "moonlight of love", the girls decorated themselves with flowers, used as decoration on hair and used in cosmetics. 

Modern science believe that the smell of jasmine stimulates creativity and the generation of original ideas, enhances self-esteem, sense of well being, helps to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. 

The smell of jasmine has anti-stress, helps fatigue and also is a delightful and natural air freshener.

Still, this passionate and special plant is a great way to teach teenagers the importance of nature, its many positive effects and also teach responsibility by learning to take care of natures gifts. 

Quintessentially Flowers Scented Jasmine.

16 Jan 2011

Flower Power...

Flowers leaves no one indifferent.

How can we resist to take the time to admire some lovely flowers, for a moment forgetting about the hustle and bustle of life.

Appreciate an exquisite scented flower bouquet, inhaling its sweet & unique aroma.

We give flowers to loved ones, to bring some joy and smiles to their faces.

We grow them in the garden, on the windowsill, a beautiful flower arrangement in a classic vase as a centerpiece to create a harmonious and warm tone in your house, have a piece of nature, Quintessentially Flowers is unique and unparalleled.

Flowers add a special mood to any event - their charming and elegant presences.
Flowers - a creations that causes people a flood of positive emotions.
In the East since ancient times use special techniques for flower therapy, based on the contemplation of flowering plants.

People are beginning to pay more attention to their homes and the comfort level. We work with families, individuals, corporations and restaurants on a weekly or bi-weekly basis where professionals come to decorate their homes, office or any space you wish with fresh flowers.

Decorate with flowers and plants, your home or office with our friendly Quintessentially Flowers team.

A flower arrangement from Quintessentially Flowers Is like a cut diamond,  the flowers require the caring hands of a florist with knowledge and skills and a little imagination, of course!

11 Jan 2011

When giving a gift...

The first step towards choosing a bouquet for your friend or business partner should be a collection of information - try to find out what flowers are for him or her the most loved, and which, conversely, cause allergies. 

Typically, professionals, taking an order for registration of a bouquet, ask some questions relating to the person to whom a gift is intended. 

For example, vigorous and active manager of a company should come to mind flowers saturated colors, and a man with a calm and restrained nature of the suit less bright bouquet. 

The determining factor is the age and the recipient. For example, mature people are usually presented with the classic and traditional bouquets, composed of roses or carnations. 

For the younger generation a good choice may be the original arrangement of exotic flowers.

10 Jan 2011

Flowers for the Senses

English Sweet Peas
Today,  flowers are booming: it is widely used as a method of treatment and recovery of the mind, flowers can help people deal with negative moods and stress. 

What is actually – flower aroma, and how does plant odors impact the human body?
According to experts, the scents of flowers affect the body and brain at several levels: through the sense of smell, lymphatic and circulatory systems. 

Particularly suitable for this purpose plants with a pleasant aroma, such as scented hyacinth,  English Scented Sweet Peas, Freesia's, and Roses.   
Scented Jasmine Plant

Plants with a pleasant aroma but also have  fitontsidnym action; Scented Stephanotis Plant and  Scented Jasmine.

Truly, the value of nature in human life can not be overemphasized.

Quintessentially Flowers is here to help you with all your floral needs and questions. 

6 Jan 2011

House dressing

Dress up your house with beautiful plants and colorful flowers.

There are many reasons to have flowers and house plants, Quintessentially Flowers can help you create a Zen environment for your home. 

There are many benefits from our botanical friends, plants help to improve your indoor air quality and can help ones health. Flowers have many positive psychological and physiological calming and spiritual effects on people, helping to make them feel relaxed when near them.  

So plants not only add beauty in your life but there are also many other good reasons to regularly dress your house with beautiful Quintessentially Flowers bouquets and potted plants. 

These stress reducing gifts play an important role in our lives 
by creating a harmonious balance in our homes.

5 Jan 2011

Quirky and Bright!

Our Quintessentially Flowers bouquet "Quirky Bright" is a Vibrant and Dramatic bouquet that is guaranteed to cheer the lucky recipient up on a grey day.

Made up of delightful and lively yellow, pink, orange and greens flowers, this bouquet is like a ray of sunlight in a room. 
A fabulous gift for someone who likes something different and most of all cheerful! 
Great for house warming, new baby  or birthday gift as well. 

3 Jan 2011

Sweet Scented Stephanotis

A sweet scented stephanotis plant is like natures natural air freshener. Stephanotis is great  for any bright area of your house or office but you should keep it away from direct sunlight.

The flowers look beautiful on the lush green foliage of this plant.

Why not get treat yourself to a beautiful 3ft, delightfully scented stephanotis plant in a lovely glass planter.