26 Dec 2010

Quintessentially Roses

Quintessentially Flowers carries a classic range of beautiful roses,  from our  in 6 different colors; deep red, bright pink, lilac, lime green & white. Our flowers are also available in s wide assortment of bouquets, from  our alluring rose knots to sweet scented lilac and rose in pink or our contemporary rose bouquet. Contact us today to get beautiful roses delivered right to you

We provide unique custom made arrangements, where one our team of specialists meets with you specially to talk about your flower needs, wether its for an anniversary, birthday, house dressing, corporate event or a wedding flower arrangement we are always here and ready to help you. 

Fresh and alluring Quintessentially Rose Bouquets make the perfect gift accompanied with a box of Chocolate a sizzling combination sure to bring many smiles your way...

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