8 Sep 2011

The Anemone

We are just starting the Anemone season, a delicate papery flower. A favourite that comes in around 120 varieties. Some of the best examples of colours are classic purple or a vibrant cerise pink. This is a flower that looks beautiful by itself, simply choose your favourite colour and fill a fish bowl or short cylinder vase with these rich, deep, velvet looking, ''relatives of the buttercup family,'' flowers. Please be aware that their capacity for water is massive so to get the complete shelf life you should top up the vase every 2 days with fresh water. They are beautiful at every stage of flowering - from its early stages as the deep dark stems, ends with a whispering soft leaf that magically holds the intense bud.. It opens to reveal, what can only be described as the essence of nature itself. For its hypnotic velvet centre, intense blackness that is the centrepiece of this flowery dream, displaying the paper like petals abundant in colour.

As it is very early season the stems are shorter and colours less varied, but over the next few months be prepared to be spoiled with this amazing flower. Its availability will be daily here at Quintessentially ready for you to enjoy

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