14 Dec 2011

Christmas Colours!

Christmas Day is only just around the corner so it’s definitely time to start getting into the festive spirit…but what colour theme for the decorations? With regards to style, you have a few to choose from. The traditional red, green and gold adds a warm, cozy feeling to your home and gives more of an indulgent look. It would be perfect for a grand hall or an older style house.

If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, why not go for the modern icy look with frosty blue, sliver and white? This colour combination gives of a winter wonderland type feel, and allows you to go a little kitsch and sparkly with silver and white glitter sticks and blue glitzy baubles. Suitable for theatrics and glitter lovers!

Alternatively, purple sits in between the traditional and modern style. Equally as seasonal and festive, purple has a comfortable and relaxing vibe. Paired up with silver or gold, adds a glitzy edge for a glamorous Christmas.

Quintessentially Flowers can aid you in choosing your Christmas decorations no matter what your style!

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