29 Mar 2011

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...

‘Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer do,
I’m half crazy,
All for the love of you…’ 
Harry Dacre, Daisy Bell

With its yellow button-like face and dainty white petals, the friendly daisy is one of the most easily recognisable and popular flowers around. The name was originally ‘day’s eye’, because the flowers close up completely during the night, only unfurling to greet the return of sunlight. A sturdy plant, the daisy can sometimes be a pest for gardeners who like their lawns pristine and immaculate, but there are plenty of people who appreciate the daisy’s simple beauty, including children who for centuries have strung them into daisy chain crowns, necklaces and bracelets. Almost every girl in the world has played the ‘He loves me, he loves me not’ game on the petals of a daisy. It is no surprise that this unpretentious flower is a symbol for purity, innocence and gentleness. Its robustness has leant to its associations with loyal love and discretion, a way to tell a secret lover that you will ‘never tell’. Daisies are the perfect gift for a 5th wedding anniversary.

*     Discretion
*     Gentle
*     Innocent (White)
*     Joyful (Red)
*     Loyal love
*     Pure
*     Truth (White)
*     ‘Happy 5th anniversary!’
*     ‘I’ll never tell.’
*     ‘I’ll try hard to earn your love.’ (Yellow)

Origin: Daisies crop up all over the world, but the common daisy we all know and love is also known as the English daisy (though it can be found in other parts of Europe and western Asia too).
Season: They blossom naturally in the summer but are available all year round.
Colour: The white petals are one of the distinguishing features of daisies. Colourful daisy-like flowers include the aster (or Michaelmas daisy) and gerbera.

Author: Alethea Dean

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