2 Mar 2011

‘Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.’
Hans Christian Andersen

 While not everyone is familiar with its name, the eustoma is well loved for its exquisite beauty and delicacy. The eustoma is constructed from the Greek, ‘eu’ for ‘beautiful’ and ‘stoma’ for ‘mouth’. So literally translated, this flower is a ‘beautiful mouth’, and a perfect compliment to all those pouting Angelina Jolies out there, or the handsome men you would not mind locking lips with. Eustomas are also known by the common name, ‘lisianthus’, which is Greek for ‘bitter’, though this refers to the taste rather than the light perfume.

Eustomas are a means of expressing appreciation, such as for a favour, or just of a friend being the person they are—sometimes that is the best favour of all. The eustoma can also be sent to inspire thoughts (hopefully positive ones!), or to let someone know you are thinking of them. This flower is also a symbol of an outgoing personality, though on the other hand, it also means ‘calming’—a handy hint then for that extrovert that needs to keep a toe or two on the ground?

-     Appreciation
-     Beautiful mouth
-     Calm
-     Outgoing
-     Thoughts
-     ‘Think of you.’

Origin: Prairies of Mexico and Texas, or Nebraska and Colorado.
Season: Summer (April through October).
Colour: White, pink, purple and even pale green, also bi-colours.

Author: Alethea Dean

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