16 Nov 2011

Lush Hydrangeas!

Hydrangeas. A lush, beautiful and indulgent flower. They come in an array of vivid colours, from blues and pinks to greens and white and look fabulous in bulk. However, they also look amazing on their own as a single flower. They’re heads are made up of a mass of individual flowers making it look abundant and luscious!

The pure white works really well for a slick, corporate look, whereas the more vibrant colours can suit both the traditional arrangements and look equally good for a more quirky look. This variation of designs makes the hydrangea perfect for almost every occasion.

They last a good while if regularly watered and look fabulous on display for about a week. Once they’ve started to wilt, leave them to dry out and reuse them in a different arrangement. When dried, they work particularly well in Christmas wreaths.

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