28 Feb 2011

Caring for Roses

As well as growing in a vast variety of shades and being classically beautiful, roses are the ultimate symbol of romance, true love and passion. No wonder they’re the flower of choice for so many; a traditional red rose bouquet has long been the most popular choice among men for their loved ones, especially around Valentine’s Day. But next time you’re lucky enough to be surprised with roses, why not take a little care to help them last?

If they’ve come from a professional florist the roses should already have been cut properly to ensure a lasting bloom, but if not make sure to cut the stems on a slant with a sharp knife, while holding them underwater – this will help the stalk absorb much more water, which means the flower will live longer.
When moving your flowers to a vase, first put them in about two inches of lukewarm water for five minutes (this aids the flow of water through the stem to the head of the flower). Then refill the vase with deeper, cooler water and add a floral preservative - try not to fill the vase higher than the point on the stems where any foliage begins, and make sure to refresh the water every day.

At night-time it really helps to move your roses to as cool a place as possible – some florists even suggest refrigerating them – to keep them fresh. In order to revive and rejuvenate them once they’ve started to droop, try tying all the stems together and attaching a weight of some kind to anchor them, then submerge the roses overnight in cold water.
While nothing helps flowers last like the work of a skilled florist, who can advise you on how long certain species will live for once cut, these tips should help your roses maintain their beauty, so you can enjoy them for longer.


  1. Anonymous1.3.11

    Could you let me know if I can find a rare purple rose with a white centre anywhere?

  2. It’s not a rose that we’ve come across or that is likely to be grown commercially.

    The main difference in colouration with roses can be found either on the outer or inner petals rather than all being one shade with a different coloured inner core.

    It could possibly be a garden rose that is grown but again there are so many varieties. If you have seen a particular rose or have a name we could see if we could source it for you.

  3. Anonymous1.3.11

    Ok thank you. I will keep looking.