12 Oct 2011

General Conditioning for Longer Lasting Flowers…

• Remove packaging
• Cut about an inch off stems at a 45degree angle.
• Remove leaves below water level to avoid contaminating the water.
• Arrange in a suitable vase with appropriate flower food (usually attached to the bouquet)

Suitable conditions vary from flower to flower, for example, anthuriums prefer room temperature, but roses would wilt in warm conditions. (See earlier post for rose revival tips!)
So generally, when choosing the perfect spot for your beautiful flowers, it’s best to avoid direct sunlight, heat, cold draughts and air conditioned rooms. Flowers can be very sensitive to sudden changes in their environment.
Top up the water levels regularly and change the water as often as possible to keep your flowers fresh and lasting, removing any dying flower heads or leaves.

Keep an eye on their condition and you’ll be able to enjoy them in all their beauty for much longer!

Top tip: Avoid putting fruit and flowers next to one another. The fruits produce ethylene gas which affects the longevity of your flowers!

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