28 Oct 2011

Sparkling Amaryllis

In every area of life there are those who stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Making a statement. Leading the way. Giving us that comforting feeling of safety. The flower kingdom is no different. For as we swiftly move towards the cold and darkness, that is autumn\ winter. Allow Quintessentially to ease you into defining luxury and to guide you into the strong bold statement that is Amaryllis.

Its name means to sparkle and OH how it sparkles. The true beauty of this flower comes in many guises. We are totally spoilt with the length of the stem, easily standing over 100cm, more or less depending on taste, so this gives you the option to make an impact with a tall arrangement in a larger vase that you may normally struggle to fill. However that’s not to say that this flower isn't going to have just as much impact being cut very short and placed in a small cube vase, it's completely your choice.

The reason behind its versatility is because of the flower itself... Starting off reasonably small, but once open the flower is bold and strong… So strong it doesn't look real… it’s the sort of thing you'd expect to see on a film set on some tropical location. Its presence dominates a room, creating impression and normally lasts a couple of weeks… the only downside is the brittleness of the stem. However our team of florists are skilled enough to arrange them into hand-ties as well as free standing dramatic arrangements.

Simplicity is sometimes key, that’s why we’d opt for 5 stems of deep rich red Amaryllis, 7 stems of Pussy Willow and finished off with some soft Ruscus. This would allow you to maximize the length of the stem. The most popular colours are red, white and pink, and as we head closer towards Christmas (which is only around the corner after all!), Amaryllis are one of those seasonal traditional favorites that add the WOW factor.

However you choose to display your Amaryllis, Quintessentially can guide you into making the right choice.

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