13 Oct 2011

Why do flowers make us feel so good?

Why do flowers make us feel so good? Even if your day isn’t going as planned, you open the door to a delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers just for you, you can’t help but smile!
The sight of flowers is proven to have a positive effect on our mood. Depending on the colours and flowers used, the moods can differ, so choosing suitable materials for an environment is important.
In a working environment, a focused and calm atmosphere is needed. A mix of greens and whites would create a calm vibe and should help with concentration. You could also use violet and purple as they also have a cooling effect. By adding a touch of red or a subtle pink, it would inject a boost of energy into the office.

Electric indigo enhances confidence and clears the mind of unnecessary fears and worries, making it an ideal colour scheme for a meeting room, guest room or waiting area for example, to help break the ice and relax the guests. Stunning Iris or gladioli would be perfect.

Flowers are a fabulous item to have in any environment. They release endorphins, making us feel happier, lightened and chirpy, which is never a bad thing!

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