17 Feb 2011

Myrtle for Middleton

As the most anticipated wedding of 2011 draws closer, Kate Middleton’s still managing to keep most of the details secret – we don’t know who’s designing her dress, how many tiers high the cake will be or the colours in her bouquet. But we do know one of the flowers she’ll be carrying.  

Royal sources have confirmed that while Wills and Kate are taking a modern approach to their royal nuptials, there is one tradition she won’t be breaking. Every royal bride since Queen Victoria has walked down the aisle with a sprig of myrtle in her bouquet, all cut from the same tree in Victoria’s private garden, which she grew from the flower that was in her own bridal bouquet.
Myrtle has always been a great choice for wedding arrangements - its name means ‘the herb of love’ in ancient Greek and the flower was closely linked to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Myrtle’s also known for its aphrodisiac scent and with its simple alabaster petals can be the perfect backdrop to other, more dramatic flowers in your bouquet.

If you don’t want to be a copy-Kate but like the idea of a sharing a family tradition on your big day, why not turn to your parents’ wedding album for inspiration? Your mum might have styled her wedding a little too seventies or eighties for your taste, but a bud from her bouquet could easily be reinvented with a twist for a more modern wedding. With the help of an expert florist any blossom can be worked into your floral arrangements to make them more personal. 

If you start your own tradition now you might see the same flower in your daughter or granddaughter’s bouquet one day, proving it’s not just princesses-to-be who have a special family flower...

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