23 Feb 2011

Inspired by the Countryside

Spring has always been the most popular season for weddings, and luckily for brides-to-be the flowers that bloom as the English winter lifts offer some really beautiful choices for the ceremony, especially if you’re after a classic, countryside-inspired look.

Tulips are having something of a comeback – on their own they make an elegant, stylist statement, or they can work well in a mixed bouquet. Given the huge range of colours they come in, tulips are also incredibly versatile. They can droop a little faster than other varieties if they’re not properly conditioned, but Quintessentially Flowers will ensure that every bud lasts perfectly throughout the day.

Other traditional British flowers that are perfect for weddings include fragrant lilac, sweet bluebells and the classic hyacinth, which usually comes in shades of white, pink and blue but rarer varieties range from red and orange to navy, adding a splash of dramatic colour to any arrangement.

Lily of the Valley is another popular choice. In either ivory or pastel pink its delicate petals have long symbolised purity, just like the traditional white dress, as well as having a beautiful fragrance. The only drawback here is that Lily of the Valley tends to only appear for a few weeks in late spring, usually around April, before disappearing again for the rest of the year.

If you’re still not entirely decided, or are planning ahead for a wedding next spring, talk to your florist about using some of these blooms in your bouquetif you are planning a wedding within the UK one of the wonderful things about these flowers is that they’ll be grown locally in the British countryside and won’t have to be imported.

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