12 Feb 2011

Flower Color Meanings - Part 1

Roses the ultimate symbol of love and passion. Everyone can appreciate receiving roses... 
-Red is seen universally as an expression of deep feelings of love as well as devoted affection.
-Pink says "I'm thinking of you", sweetness & appreciation, often used to say "Thank you" 
-White means Charm, Innocence & everything pure, it can be someone saying I'm worthy but it can mean silence & secrets...
-Orange aspires lust & desire but not love... simply states that you want someone deeply.
-Yellow is an international symbol of pure friendship, Happiness, Joy and Caring, can also be used to say "Welcome back!" but can also express Jealousy depending on the circumstances
-Purple is full splendor, admiration & eternal love.
-Lavender personifies love at first sight, it was simply meant to be.
-Peach is Sincerity, modesty, Appreciation, Anticipation and is a used to say "Thank you"
-Blue roses don't come naturally blue, they are colored, it indicates desire for what cannot be obtained & mystery.
-Black is elusive and is the symbol of death of an idea, feeling or relationship, it says goodbye... but can also signify rebirth after death at times.
-Green means peacefulness, calm feelings & Fertility.
-Mixed colors says "You mean everything to me..." pure romance! 

Peonies are the symbol of eroticism, their history takes us back to China where these flowers were given to unmarried woman Only, it is seen as offensive to give peonies to a married woman in Chinese tradition. These aphrodisiac flowers come in many different colors from 
-Red means Seduction, Pure Passion & Charm. 
-White means Tenderness, Serenity & Calm white. 
-And best of all Light & Bright Pink that mean in their own simplicity "I love you" 

Iris is a unique specimen unlike any other, not many flowers can match the beauty and graceful elegance, symbolizing Hope, wisdom & faith. Used for all sorts of special occasions all across the world from Asia to Euro, North America, middle east all the way to North Africa.
-Yellow Iris embodies Passion & Eternal devotion. 
-Blue Iris personifies Royalty in some cultures, it also means Hope & Faith.
-Purple Iris suggests a compliment and also is seen as wisdom.
-White Iris is seen by many as purity and gracefulness. 

Orchid are a delicate beauty and exudes class & elegance. This very special flowers can be appreciated by all and leaves people with a lasting impression. Orchids used to be used for medicinal purposes 
-White orchids also mean feelings Respect & Adoration
-Pink shares feelings of affection & natural charm... rare beautiful lady is also often thought of for Pink orchids. 
-Yellow conveys rare beauty & the elegance of Royalty. Its also associated with Cheerfulness & Happiness 
-Green signifies Life, health & most of all rejuvenation, Is often also given to people in bad health as it also symbolizes vitality & strength. 

Part 2 - Will reveal the meaning of Tulips, Lilies, Lisianthus, Anemone & Freesia's....

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