15 Feb 2011

Just Hydrangea...

Hydrangea is originally  from  North America, brought to England in the 18th  century from there their unique beauty quickly  invaded the rest of  the world. 

Native Americans had many uses for this lovely flower, a detoxifying plant and also used the roots for their diuretic properties. 

This distinct flower is an exquisite gift for diverse occasions or special events, its an excellent pick. This exceptional flower expresses different deeply felt emotions from Love, Beauty, Enlightenment & Gratitude.

Hydrangea make great house dressing flowers and can bring a unique style to any space whether for your office space or an Event. Does not have a very strong scent for people who are more sensitive to perfumes, they last quite some time as a bouquet, in a vase and are great for a keep sake if you dry them upside down. 

Comes in various of colours, Hydrangea's are the chameleons of the flower world. Available in beautiful Soft & Bright Pink, Lilac, Blue, White and Green. Quintessetially Flowers is proud to offer all these colors in our lovely floral collection. 

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