26 Feb 2011

Colour Code

Everyone knows that sending or giving flowers is a sure way to make someone smile, but we’ve pinned down the exact shades of blossom guaranteed to make the object of your affection, friendship or well wishes feel exactly the way you would hope when you’re choosing their gift.

For a busy professional, or a stressed-out new mother, flowers can be one of the truest ways to help them pause and relax, however briefly. Consider clear, radiant and natural tones of blue and green with a lavender or lilac accent. You want to channel serenity by mimicking the colours found in the sky and sea – try hydrangea, thistle, pale blue delphiniums and dusty green foliage to add a little calmness to their day.

When you want your flowers to express an intense love, look to a lush, luxurious palette of reds, purples, pinks and even orange. The deeper the colour the more dramatic, and effective, the message behind it. Carnations, coloured lilies, hypericum berries and the classic rose all suggest a deep, sensual affection and compliment each other to create a dynamic bouquet.

For the floral equivalent of a nurturing embrace, look for buds in pale peaches and pinks, creamy ivory, pale green and buttercup yellow. These pastel shades send us straight back to childhood and the sensation of being cared for – ideal if your recipient is recovering from an illness. Tulips, freesia, snapdragon and heather combined with leafy greenery all encourage feelings of safety and being loved.

It’s common knowledge that certain colour combinations can lift our mood or help us feel a certain way, so consult your professional florist for advice on which blossoms will best express how you really feel.

Author: Caitlin Leslie

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