19 Jan 2011

Oh So... Heavenly...

Scented Freesia - a herbaceous perennial plant native to South Africa. Its title it was given in honor of German Botanist Friedrich H. T. Freese

Selection of freesias in France took up the royal gardeners, and this determined the aristocratic future freesias. In the second half of the 19 th century began the invasion of  freesia's in Russia. Its distinguished and wonderful scent conquers all. 

The unique smell, refined forms, the richness of hues attracts people of different tastes. 

Its aroma can be treated for depression, because this scent reminds us of spring, youth and the joy of life. 

Cut flowers retain their flavor and have a good appearance up to 10 days.

Leave an unforgettable & extraordinary impression on someone dear to you or yourself with a  Freesia flower bouquet

Freesia - confidence & composure. In Japan - affection is presented with freesia flower arrangements and is considered a sign of trust to a pleasant conversation. 

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