20 Jan 2011

A long time ago...

Many many centuries ago, houses were decorated with fresh flowers. Flowers bring beauty to any room and comfort. The history of flower arrangements is yet to ancient times.

According to archaeological findings as early as the Bronze Age people grew flowers for the decoration of houses. At the time, to give a special flavor the room used mainly shells, animal teeth, feathers. But there are also findings, namely, the blood vessels where they could be flowers, which show about growing flowers.

Flowers accompanied the Egyptians in various religious ceremonies and to adorn temples and palaces. In the tomb of  tutankhamun during the excavation, archaeologists found a wreath of flowers, which probably were put on the emperor chests and his wife tomb as well.

To this present day flowers and plants are still a big part of our lives in many aspects. Flowers are best to decorate your home with and you can easily change flower styles for each floral arrangement. A great choice is to choose scented flowers bouquet as they ooze their sweet smelling perfume in the air, potted plants such as Jasmines and Stephanotis are a wonderful selection and smell amazing.

Quintessentially Flowers

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