21 Jan 2011

Spread The Joy...

When choosing flowers for the more mature crowd, you should think about their personal preferences and what's meaningful to them. Flower types and favorite colors are important to consider.

When you buy flowers you need to consider what they symbolize.

-Rose is a symbol of love for your parents or grandparents.
*Red - Love, Courage, Respect & Beauty.
*White - Purity, Humility, Youthfulness & Reverence.
*Pink - Grace, Happiness, Appreciation & Gentleness. 
*Yellow - Joy, Friendship, Delight & Gladness

-Lily's look majestic and symbolize Sweetness, Virginity, Good Fortune & Majesty.

-Paperwhites with its  aphrodisiac and intoxicating scent express pride, immortality, nobleness and serenity.

-Blue Iris inspiring with an elegant presence, represents Wisdom, Hope, Faith & Passion. 

-Hyacinth is a stress reducing flower, means Forgiveness Tranquility, Stability & Constancy.

-Orchids refined looks and is often associated with a "beautiful lady", intends Rare, Beauty, Long Life & Charm. 

Life is always more joyful with flowers and plants, these precious gifts warm and brighten up our lives and leave us with treasured memories.  Quintessentially Flowers only provides the best and freshest flowers, make it simple and meaningful with our distinct  online flower delivery service. 

Quintessentially Flowers

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