28 Jan 2011

Wedding Flowers

Recently Engaged? 

Preparing for a wedding will prove to be one of the most stressful times in your life.  It’s also a time of great joy and celebration.  

That celebration should ultimately be a reflection of the couple and their tastes, not a collection of their friends and family’s style.

One thing that is of the utmost importance is that your wedding day is about YOU!  Brides are easily bogged down with concerns of pleasing others.  

It’s only a distraction in the grand scheme of things.  If those who you’ve invited are critical of the choices you’ve made, you may want to consider just how good of friends they really are.

An important aspect of wedding floral design is the venue.  If the venue proves to have stunning views on its own, overly complicated centerpieces are probably not the best idea. Make sure you always complement your surroundings. 

From initial concept to final preparations, we will plan every single detail based specifically on your tastes or preferences to ensure your event looks as spectacular as you feel.  Quintessentially Flowers can also work in tandem with other events company to make sure that your event is truly unforgettable. 

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