31 Jan 2011

To Much Stress?

Flowers and plants are natural stress reducer...

Japanese scientists have published the results of a research about the effects of a flower fragrance on a living organism. 

It is always been known that floral scents are beneficial to a human mood, they make a person calm and relaxed. 

The experiments were conducted with laboratory mice and guinea pigs. The animals containers were filled with the herbal scents of  flower bouquets, grapes, oranges, mango and lemon. 

The researchers found that the substance contained in these plants - linalool influences on the changes in blood cells and genes responsible for the state of stress. 

Laboratory mice quicker cope with stress and irritability, than their counterparts without a relaxing fragrance. The positive impact of the substance is confirmed by blood tests.

Linalool is widely used in perfume industry. Over 200 kinds of flowers produce linalool, as for example, mints, scented herbs, laurels, cinnamon, rosewood. 

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