10 Jan 2011

Flowers for the Senses

English Sweet Peas
Today,  flowers are booming: it is widely used as a method of treatment and recovery of the mind, flowers can help people deal with negative moods and stress. 

What is actually – flower aroma, and how does plant odors impact the human body?
According to experts, the scents of flowers affect the body and brain at several levels: through the sense of smell, lymphatic and circulatory systems. 

Particularly suitable for this purpose plants with a pleasant aroma, such as scented hyacinth,  English Scented Sweet Peas, Freesia's, and Roses.   
Scented Jasmine Plant

Plants with a pleasant aroma but also have  fitontsidnym action; Scented Stephanotis Plant and  Scented Jasmine.

Truly, the value of nature in human life can not be overemphasized.

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