17 Jan 2011

Scent of jasmine...

 - A refined, gentle, sweet Jasmine.

This is one of the main plants used in perfumery. Jasmines was introduced to Europe from the East in the early 18 Th century. Like Roses, jasmines have long remained a favorite in Oriental perfumery, medicine and cooking. 

Jasmine flowers long used in China and some other countries for flavoring tea. Its flowers are added to tea. 
It was believed also that this infusion purify the blood. In folk medicine, used the leaves, stems, flowers and roots. 

In the jasmine flowers have valuable essential oils. 
Flowers and leaves contain substances that have antipyretic property.
Crushed leaves and flowers are also used on the tumor and ulcer. 

In India, jasmines are often called "moonlight of love", the girls decorated themselves with flowers, used as decoration on hair and used in cosmetics. 

Modern science believe that the smell of jasmine stimulates creativity and the generation of original ideas, enhances self-esteem, sense of well being, helps to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. 

The smell of jasmine has anti-stress, helps fatigue and also is a delightful and natural air freshener.

Still, this passionate and special plant is a great way to teach teenagers the importance of nature, its many positive effects and also teach responsibility by learning to take care of natures gifts. 

Quintessentially Flowers Scented Jasmine.

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