13 May 2011

The Calla Lily

The Calla Lily is a herbaceous flowering plant that is native to Southern Africa. They are tall plants ranging from about 1-2.5 metres in height and their leaves are approximately 15-45cm long.

They produce very large extravagant flowers and are often grown for ornamental purposes and also for cut flowers. They are also very popular wedding flowers because of their stunning shape and fluted cup flowers – they very much resemble a champagne glass. Another reason they are popular wedding flowers is because the Lily is associated with purity and pureness and for that reason they are starting to compete with the rose in popularity for Bridal bouquets. Although most people are familiar with the white calla lily they also come in several bright colours which also look fantastic in the garden or as cut flowers.

Calla lilies last a long time as a cut flower as long as you keep in water that is changed regularly. They are generally displayed in a tall glass vase and are an elegant addition to any counter or table.
To ensure Calla lilies last as long as possible make sure they are placed away from direct sunlight and areas of intense heat. You should also ensure that you re-cut the stems & clean the container every four to five days.

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