6 May 2011

Sweet Peas

The sweet pea is native to the eastern Mediterranean region from Sicily to east Crete. They are an annual climbing plant and can grow to a height of 1–2 meters.

There are many different types of sweet peas – the main types are listed below:

The Spencer sweet peas
The most popular type of sweet pea – it is a modern large flowered strain, also known as the English sweet pea. Available in a wide range of colours and has a very sweet scent.

The grandiflora sweet peas
Dating from 1880 and 1910, it was the grandifloras which first gave the sweet pea its popularity as a garden flower.

The dwarf sweet peas
Dwarf sweet peas like plenty of sun, well drained soil and make look fantastic when displayed in tubs and hanging baskets.

The acacia leaf sweet peas
They are solid bushy plants with much heavier foliage than the normal sweet peas, they make a dramatic statement in the garden.

Sweet peas are an incredibly popular flower because of their beautiful and unique scent. The intensity of their scent varies according to a number of factors including rain, time of day and the age of the flower.  They are great to send as a gift and look fabulous in bridal bouquets. They are available from May through to July.

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