19 May 2011

The Lisianthus

The Lisianthus is a herbaceous annual plant that is found in warm areas of the United States, The Caribbean, Mexico and northern America. There are 3 species of Lisinathus and they range from 15-60cm tall – they are large funnel shaped flowers. They are available in many different colours frim white – cream, pink to mauve and blue-violet. 

They are incredibly popular cut flowers. They are often used in bridal bouquets as they are very simple and when mixed with delicate roses look absolutely stunning. They are also becoming popular in the ornamental market where Japan and New Zealand are leading the way.

Lisianthis are very symbolic and because of this they are very popular gifts. For example they are often sent as thank you flowers because they represent appreciation – they are also given as romantic gifts as they symbolize a deep rooted romantic attachment and they are also given to represent appreciation for a friend.
Lisianthus are available all year round and when cared for properly can last in a vase for upto 12 days. You should always cut the stems under water and remove the foliage underneath. It is also advisable to feed them with commercial flower food that you can buy from your local florist or garden centre.

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