5 May 2011

Summer Plants

Wondering what plants would be perfect for the home this summer? We recommend three plants in particular that not only look fantastic but don’t require a huge amount of attention and care:

The Phalenopsis Orchid or the Moth Orchid is the ultimate floral home accessory and a wonderful focal point to any occasion. They thrive in a centrally heated homes –they need to be in temperatures of at least 15C (60F) during the winter and can sustain up to 28C (82F) during the summer. Phalaenopsis like light but do not put them in direct sunlight or they will die. They should be planted in a pot with special orchid soil that you can buy from your local florist or garden centre. Water once every 10 - 14 days during the winter months and weekly or more during the summer.

The Stephanotis Plant is one of the most popular house plants because of its incredibly powerful and sweet smelling blossoms. The plant likes to climb and is usually trained to grow around trellis in a pot or up a wire. The Stephanotis plant is native to the tropical island, Madagascar and therefore thrives in humid conditions. Place the plant in a tray of water and gravel and avoid the roots from sitting directly in the water – Place in bright but indirect light.

The Jasmine Plant is another plant that is known for its absolutely beautiful scent which in turn is believed to ease stress and relax muscles. They can be planted in almost any soil type but you must ensure that they are placed in a sunny spot as they love sunlight. They require watering about 2 or 3 times a week in the summer months and we advise feeding the plant with fertiliser in early spring and late autumn.

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