31 May 2011

Poisonous Plants

There are a number of common poisonous plants and flowers which can be found growing in the countryside, in woods and gardens. These plants are not to be eaten and you should always wash your hands once you’ve picked them!

The most common poisonous plants are listed below:

Daffodil – The bulbs of a daffodil can cause an upset stomach so whatever you do don’t eat them! The stem is also poisonous

Iris: The tubers are particular poisonous but the whole plant can cause a nasty stomach upset and discomfort

Foxglove: These plants are highly toxic and can seriously damage the gastrointestinal system as well as the cardiovascular system

Buttercup: The juice from a buttercups stems can cause irritation to the skin and also upset the gastrointestinal system

Deadly Nightshade; As the name suggests this plant is extremely toxic and mustn’t be eaten
Hyacinth: Again this plant will cause a nasty stomach upset – It is also important to note that the bluebell is in the same family

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