18 May 2011

The Heather Plant

Heather is an evergreen branching shrub that blooms in late summer. They come in a wide range of colours ranging from pink, white, purple and mauve. Heather is found mostly throughout Western Europe and also in parts of Siberia and Northeaster North America. It is seen as iconic of Scotland which is where it largely grows.

Heather is a very popular ornamental plant in the garden. They prefer sunlight and well drained acidic soil and can be planted anytime the ground is not frozen. When planting heather you should ensure the soil contains compost or processed manure as this will encourage strong growth. The soil must also be well drained.
Caring for your heather plant is fairly easy as they are not very high maintenance. They should be pruned every year, this should take place immediately after flowering and as a result you will see additional flowers the following year. You should fertilize the plants – especially if their colour is poor or they are not growing well this is a good indication that they require feeding. The best time to feed a heather plant is in late spring or late winter.

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