10 Jun 2011

Caring for your Bonsai Plant

The Bonsai plant is thought to have originated from Japan and China. It is notoriously difficult to keep and maintain and requires great skill and patience. Caring for a Bonsai can sometimes be compared to caring for a human!

They must be watered regularly – if they are not they will become vulnerable to weakness, disease and pests. It is advisable to plant in sterile soil which has a balanced PH level otherwise the plant will not grow. You should also test the water that you give your bonsai is PH neutral. They should be kept at a consistent temperature as this can cause stress – they are in particularly vulnerable to colder conditions.  Bonsai plants do not enjoy windy conditions, direct sunlight, excessive shade and damp conditions. When feeding your bonsai plant you should choose organic plant food whichhas low nitrogen levels as this will encourage growth and prevent wounds from developing. Bonsai plants are prone to fungal infections which spread very easily much like flu with humans. All wounds must be sealed.

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