2 Jun 2011

Gift Ideas

Flowers are often given to people as gifts – they are great ways to express our emotions. There are many perfect occasions whereby flowers make the perfect gift – for example:

To celebrate a birthday/anniversary
We recommend something bright and quirky that represents the happiness of the occasion. This summer a great choice would be brightly coloured peonies, sweet peas and roses.

To wish someone get well soon
 Giving flowers to someone who is unwell or maybe in hospital is a great way to lift their spirits. Bright flowers are appropriate as these will create a happy environment and brighten up the room. A long lasting plant like an orchid or gerbera is also great as they are low maintenance and are brightly coloured.

To say congratulations
You don’t always have to stick to tradition – for example sending blue flowers to celebrate the birth of a baby boy. The recipient is more likely to appreciate something a bit more daring or personal – send their favourite flowers or the most fashionable flowers at the time e.g a great flower to send at the moment are gorgeous English sweet peas that are beautifully scented and look fantastic – they are also available in lots of colours.

To celebrate an engagement
We would recommend sending romantic flowers – scented pastel colours always look fantastic. Accompanying with a bottle of champagne/wine or chocolates is a great additional gift idea.

For funerals
Funeral flowers celebrate the life of a loved one and are used as symbols of love, respect and honour. Funeral flower trends have changed a lot – the traditional and perhaps predictable choice is lilies but nowadays it is acceptable to have flowers in almost any style or shape. Perhaps a hand tied arrangement of the deceased favourite flowers.

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