7 Jun 2011

Is It Ok To Send Flowers To Men?

Five or ten years ago it was very unusual to send men flowers. However in today’s day and age where change comes fast it is not uncommon to see men going for a facial or manicure and pedicure.

Having spoken to various men about receiving flowers we have established that most men actually do like flowers. Choosing the right flowers however is not easy. From our research we would recommend avoiding sending pastel/pale pink arrangements e.g ones that look very feminine.

The best thing to choose is something more masculine e.g an orchid bouquet for example in purple or white. Sticking to blues, greens and purples is advisable. Sunflower bouquets are often popular with men as well as tropical flowers such as birds of paradise flowers as they have a bold, striking appearance. In addition a Venus fly trap plant would be a fun gift for a man – these plants are carnivorous and live off insects and flies.

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