1 Jun 2011

Celebrity Wedding Flowers

Take inspiration from modern day celebrities and  the eternal elegance of the fifties film stars to ensure you feel like a million dollars on your wedding day. Lily of the valley has been a very popular choice amongst celebrities which is hardly a surprise considering it means “you’ve  made my life complete” in the Victorian language of flowers. Kate Middleton who recently married Prince William chose Lily of the Valley for her bridal bouquet. See below for other influential celebrity choices:

Princess Diana:

Diana selected a teardrop shaped  bouquet of yellow ‘Mountbatten’ roses, freesia, orchids, freesias, stephanotis, gardenia and lily of the valley. It also included myrtle and veronica. All the flowers were cut from Queen Victoria’s garden at Osborne House.

Audrey Hepburn:

Audrey’s choice was very simple. For her first marriage she chose a simple headdress of white roses and for her second marriage she chose a scented handtied posy which consisted of lily of the valley and freesia

Barbra Streisand:

Barbra chose gardenias and lily-of-the-valley

Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor:

Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe chose the same bouquet for their weddings. They both opted for a simple posy of three white orchids

Leann Rimes:

Leann who very recently got married chose gorgeous smelling sweet peas mixed with freesias, roses and hydrangeas

Camilla Parker-Bowles:

Camilla carried a posy of white, purple and yellow primroses teamed with lily-of-the-valley when she married Prince Charles.

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