3 Jun 2011

Plant Style For Your Home

People purchase flowers and plants to improve and enhance their homes. It is often a difficult to decide on what flowers or plants that fit into the style of your home. The ideas below may help you when making these decisions and ensure that you choose the perfect plant to fit your style of interior:

Country Living Style
Cottages suit informal plants. The most popular plants to use in a country home are Ivy, ferns, roses and jasmine which smells gorgeous. Use terracotta and wooden pots to keep the style natural.

Groovy & Bright
If you prefer plenty of colour then there are lots of plants to choose from. Gerberas, begonias, kalanchoes and also brightly coloured hydrangeas can look fantastic and funky. To add to the dramatic effect you can use brightly coloured pots.

Elegant interiors suit classy houseplants such as pot roses in pastel shades, white hydrangeas and pretty orchids. Displayed in black glass vases these plants look extra chic and sexy.

A minimal style of interior needs something subtle and simple. Cacti are great for this kind of feel. In addition bromeliads look great as well. Glass and metal containers work well with this kind of style.

For neutral interiors plants can inject a bit of colour into the room. Plants such as gardenia, Jasmine and stephanotis work really well in this environment. They maintain a natural feel but just avoids the room looking bland and boring.

Bold plants are suitable for a Mediterranean style – plants such as cacti, geraniums and pelargoniums. Their pots should be painted brightly or should be in terracotta

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