22 Jun 2011

Party Flowers

There are many florists who specialize in corporate and event work. Flowers for events are very different to the flowers in the home as they don’t need to last as long however they need to make a serious impact on a room and look impressive.

When thinking about centrepieces they should either be low or tall and thin so that people can still talk and see each other. It is important to bear in mind that scented flowers at a dinner is not advisable as the smell of flowers and food is not always effective. In stark contrast, scented flowers at a drinks reception can work wonderfully as it helps guests relax and feel energised unless of course they suffer from hay fever!

Flowers or large potted plants at the entrance to an event or party can look fantastic and also set the vibe for the evening. They can also complement the theme of the evening very well for example – orchids would work well for a winter wonderland theme and hydrangeas for a more formal event. Either way flowers at parties can really add to the atmosphere and have a positive impact on the mood of the guests.

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