21 Jun 2011

The Dahlia Flower

The Dahlia is a spectacular garden flower and is named after a Swedish 18th century botanist called Anders Dahl. He originally regarded it as a vegetable rather than a garden flower however this changed when the first varieties with large double flowers were produced in Belgium around 1815.

They are native to the mountainous regions of Mexico, although they live in warm countries they actually grow better in cooler conditions. Dahlia’s liked well drained, rich moist soil and also direct sunlight. They are not particularly hardy plants but they will survive and benefit from a cooler climate and lots of rain.

Dahlia’s bloom from Mid-summer all the way up to late autumn and look even more spectacular as the weather cools, they produce an even more beautiful display if they are properly pinched and deadheaded. We highly recommend the Dahlia flower as a beautiful addition to your garden this summer!

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